AgriPure Factory Badr Industrial City, Cairo, Egypt
All medicinal herbs and spices are processed in our premises according to customers specification.

We have two production lines, One for leaves production line which includes (Mint, Melissa, Hibiscus & Fennel).

This line includes threshing and crushing machine (Rebler) which Separates leaves from stems and classifies leaves.

After the threshing process the leaves and stems fall onto the sieve which is integrated in the machine, after the product passes through the sieve which separates the material in four fractions.

Also we have air zig-zag seperator which provides good results in cleaning.

It is very reliable and gives good quality leafy material, it has cyclone for collecting dust.

The Second line is for Chamomile flower production, we produce flower heads off the stalk.

It produces (flower heads of a high quality with excellant shape and appearance, which is considered an A grade quality).
The machine contains sieves which seperates long stems from the flowers mainly used for industrial extracts and essential oils.